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Adult Ministries

This page is where you will find information on Bethel Covenant Church's  Adult Ministries.

I will try to keep this as up to date as possible on what is upcoming and /or going on.  You are welcome to join in with us as we do the work that is asked of us from the lord.

Coffee and a Cookie
Coffee and a Cookie

Double K Cafe

This is a weekly event it takes place in the Atrium on Wednesdays from 10:00 till noon.  We join in on conversation, coffee, and possible treats (usually)


Stay Tuned We will Resume next fall

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay.  Planning for it to last about 1 hour

Bethel Confirmation Class

Ruby's Pantry

Ruby's pantry is an event where we distribute food out to anyone that eats.  That is the only qualifier for this Event.  It is the First Saturday of the month you can volunteer or come get a share for $25 each.  See the link to take you to our Ruby's page where you can find out more information

Notice New Line up Directions

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