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Upcoming Events


Middle and High School going to Vagabond in River Falls Jan 25th.  Meet at Zion Cov at 5:30

Ruby's Pantry

Come join us at the next Distribution for Ruby's Pantry Feb 4th 
Volunteers show up by 8:30
Distribution starts at 10:00 goes till 11:30
This will be taking place at Pierce Pepin 
Corners of Hwy 63 & 10 Ellsworth WI

MN Adult & Teen Challenge

Feb 19 @ 10:00 at Bethel 

Come join us for the 

Music and stories from this group 

As they tell us about their triumphs

Double K Cafe

Wednesdays 10:00 to noon at Bethel 

Come join us for Coffee, Eat Cookies, and Enjoy Conversation

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