6th-12th Grade

We partner with our sister church Zion Covenant in leading Middle and High School Students to become true disciples of Jesus (people who Love God and Love Others.)  We call it Fusion.

Covid-19 challenged us to rethink how we do student ministry at Bethel and with our partner church Zion Covenant. ​

It is clear to us that these days, our students, our churches, and our world need more than people who sit in pews once or twice a month.  They need more than social media Christians.

We need disciples of Jesus

  • who keep loving people even when they don’t see eye to eye.

  • Who don’t give up when things get hard.

  • Who arent sent back into old bad habits every time they are disappointed.

  • Whose FAITH isnt what someone told them in Sunday school but something they have lived out.

So we are shifting our focus from trying to draw crowds, to trying to make disciples.​



Leading Students to become lifelong spiritual LEADERS rather than religious CONSUMERS.


(6th-12th Grade) Sign Up to Join

One adult mentor will be hand picked, equipped, and will commit to mentoring 2-3 students by…

  • Connecting once every week via text, phone, or social media.

  • Meeting in person once a month for a meal, coffee or other connection.

  • Serving in the life of the church or our community with their students at least once a month.


(8th-12th Grade) Wednesdays 6:30-8pm Starting at October 14th.

Students will gather at Zion Covenant Church every week for prayer, connection, and bible study led by caring leaders.


(6th-12th Grade) Starting October 28th

Once a month students will work with FUSION leaders to plan a large group outing, service project, or event to bring everyone together to have fun, celebrate, and hear God's Word.

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