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FUSION Student Ministries

6th-12th Grade

What we do

Things we do in Fusion:  It is a time for Middle and High School students To get together to join in faith and have fun.  Some of the things we have done in the past are going to arcade, camping, caroling, special parties (like football parties) and many more things.  We partner with Zion covenant church for these events to have more kids and more fun.  Hope to see you at one of our events coming up. 

Our Next Event

Middle and High School students we are back and going strong our youth ministry will meet Sundays at 6:00 for snacks and at 6:30 PM for a weekly Bible Study!  We will be done about 7:30pm We will be joining Zion and will start each week with some food and some fun before diving into God's Word.  These are currently being held at Zion Covenant church in Ellsworth.

Stay tuned we are working on more Events also

We are working on more things to do we will post any events as soon as we get them here.  We having some in the works so stay tuned.



Summer Registration is Open
​Bethel is willing to help send our kids to camp see Pastor Joel if 


Next in Person Confirmation Class May 5th 11:30 at Bethel

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